Building 51 is here.

  • Take a tour in our new project “Building 51 Project”.
  • Working in conjunction with Architect With Out Borders, Shoe Revolt would build its new home to continue with the fight against human trafficking.
  • This modern style would be the shelter of 20 female victims. This house is equipped with a kitchen, have a terrace and is surrounded  by open spaces.
  • t will have day car services and treatment facilities. It will also be a housing option for victims and it would have business to provide employment for them as well.
  • It would be consider as an opportunity to start a new life for many victims and families that had been affected by human trafficking. The construction will be ready by the end of this year

Take the virtual tour here:


About Shoe Revolt

Freedom is not an option, it's a right! Shoe Revolt is a 501 (c)(3) registered non-profit that sells new and gently-worn donated shoes & auctions celebrity shoes to fund shelters supporting sex trafficking victims. It's NOT about one organization It's NOT about one gender It's NOT even about Shoes It's ALL about the Revolt! Revolt: (v.) to fight, to rise up against the injustice of commercial sexual exploitation of women and children with purchasing power..
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