Shoe Revolt and Auction Cause Launch Celebrity Shoe Auction on April 5, 2012


Beaverton, Oregon

Shoe Revolt and Auction Cause have joined forces to utilize the power of celebrity influence and social media to raise much-needed funds for programs designed to rescue and restore victims.

Ateba Crocker founded the Shoe Revolt a registered 501(C)(3) charitable organization in an effort to help stomp out the plague of sexual slavery in the United States.

In the United States alone, commercial sex trafficking is a billion dollar industry, and it continues to thrive. The statistics are staggering; the average age of entry into prostitution for boys is 11-13 years old, and for girls is 12-14. The girls and boys that are rescued from domestic trafficking require intensive therapy, medical care, education and job skills, nutritious food and trauma counseling.

The full rehabilitation of the sex slave victims can be a costly, long-term process, often involving years of healing and training. Resources available are outstripped by demand and rescued children can find themselves with nowhere to go but back on the street, thus heaping heartache on top of tragedy. The care is extremely costly, and often victims need to stay in shelters for years until they are healed and able to live productive lives once again. There are not nearly enough programs to house the thousands of victims of human trafficking, and these children have nowhere to go once rescued, which simply re-starts this vicious cycle.

Ateba Crocker refused to allow the cycle to continue any longer without stepping in. She suffered abuse from her father at a young age, and turned to prostitution to support her first son. Crocker started Shoe Revolt to take a stand against commercial sex trafficking.

Crocker’s own story of redemption fueled her fire to start Shoe Revolt, but she can’t do it alone. Help came in the form of Auction Cause. Eric Gazin founder of Auction Cause states, “When I first spoke with Ateba and heard her passion for trying to end sex abuse suffering through Shoe Revolt, I knew this was a cause we wanted to support. There are so many hot spots around the world for the sex trade. We do not often even realize there are victims right here in the United States until it is pointed out to us by organizations like Shoe Revolt.”

Shoe Revolt teams up with celebrities who donate their shoes to Shoe Revolt, which are then sent to Auction Cause to be auctioned-off online. Auction Cause was founded on the idea of using our marketing, design and eBay skills to link fans with incredible causes, all the while educating and fundraising. Auction Cause helps nonprofits like Shoe Revolt raise income. All profits from the shoes auctioned on April 5th will go toward supporting Shoe Revolt’s mission. Shoe Revolt will auction off shoes from celebs like Glee Star Lea Michele, Modern Family star Nolan Gould and many more.

For more information about Shoe Revolt, please contact the Media Relations Department at or visit For information about Auction Cause visit or to bid on a pair of celebrity shoes visit on April 5th.

Ateba Crocker
Shoe Revolt
Beaverton, OR
971 217 1822

About Shoe Revolt

Freedom is not an option, it's a right! Shoe Revolt is a 501 (c)(3) registered non-profit that sells new and gently-worn donated shoes & auctions celebrity shoes to fund shelters supporting sex trafficking victims. It's NOT about one organization It's NOT about one gender It's NOT even about Shoes It's ALL about the Revolt! Revolt: (v.) to fight, to rise up against the injustice of commercial sexual exploitation of women and children with purchasing power..
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